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Coenzyme Q10

  • Category:Cosmetic Raw Materials
  • CAS No:303-98-0
  • Appearance:Orange yellow powder
  • Specification:10%,20% water soluble, 99% oil soluble
  • Shelf Life:2 Years
  • Application:/
  • Supplier:Lyphar
Product details

 ISO Certificate Manufacturer Supply Coenzyme Q10 Powder-lypharBasic Information-立飞生物

Product Name: Coenzyme Q10

Synonym: Ubidecarenone

Specifications: 10%,20% water soluble, 99% oil soluble

Appearance: Orange yellow powder

CAS No.: 303-98-0

EINECS: 206-147-9

Molecular formula: C59H90O4

Molecular weight: 863.3435

Sample Display-立飞生物co q10-lypharProduct Description-立飞生物

Coenzyme Q10, another name is "Ubiquinone",  it is a fat-soluble natural vitamin substance found in a variety of organisms. Coenzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant produced by the cell itself, which can improve the immunity of the organism.


1. Protect the heart: Coenzyme Q10 helps to provide sufficient oxygen to the heart.


2. Delay aging and protect skin: Long-term use of Coenzyme Q10 can effectively prevent skin aging and reduce wrinkles around the eyes.


3. Anti-chronic fatigue syndrome: Coenzyme Q10 has been successfully used to prevent and treat chronic fatigue syndrome.


4. Promote energy conversion, improve immunity, and enhance energy: Coenzyme Q10 is a natural antioxidant produced by the cell itself, a natural antioxidant produced by the cell itself and a cell metabolism initiator, which can prevent the formation of free radicals and help maintain immunity The normal operation of the system. Coenzyme Q10 keeps cells in a good and healthy state, so the body is full of vitality, energetic, and full of brain power.


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