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  • Category:Cosmetic Raw Materials
  • CAS No:104404-17-3
  • Appearance:light yellow powder
  • Specification:5%10%
  • Shelf Life:2 Years
  • Application:/
  • Supplier:Lyphar
Product details

Factory Supply Natural Supplements Ceramide 1 and Ceramide 3 -lyphar

Basic Information-立飞生物

1. Product Name: Ceramide

2. Molecular formula: C34H67NO3

3. Molecular weight: 537.91

4. Properties: light yellow powder

5. Test Method: HPLC

6. Source: Ceramide 1 is sourced from rice bran

Ceramide 3 is sourced from konjac

7. Content: Ceramide 1----5% and 10%

Ceramide 3---The content can be customized according to customer requirements

8. Popular market: South Korea and Japan

Sample Display-立飞生物Ceramide1-lypharProduct Description-立飞生物

Ceramide is a natural substance,extracted from rice bran, most of the sebum in the human stratum corneum is composed of ceramide, which is also the main part of the intercellular matrix, so ceramide can maintain skin moisture balance and has a good moisturizing effect.

Application Area-立飞生物


Ceramide is the most recent years developed a new generation of moisturizing agent is a lipid soluble substance, it constitutes the physical structure of the stratum corneum of skin similar to quickly penetrate the skin, and cuticle of the water, forming a kind of network structure, to seal in moisture. Increase with age and into old age, exist in human skin will gradually reduce ceramide, dry skin and rough skin, skin type and other abnormal symptoms appear is due to a decrease in the amount of ceramide. So to prevent such skin abnormalities, added ceramide is an ideal way.

2.Functional Foods

Taking ceramide, absorbed in the small intestine and transferred to the blood, and then transported to the body, so that the skin cells to obtain a good recovery and regeneration, but also allows the body's own neural acid biosynthesis.


Cosmetics Function:

Ceramide can build a barrier protection on the skin surface, enhance skin elasticity, has anti-aging, moisturizing, and whitening effects.

Medicines and health supplements function:

Ceramide can regulate blood, enhance immunity, inhibit cancer cell growth, maintain human cell activity, and delay cell death

Test Report-立飞生物Ceramide-COA-lyphar

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