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Retinoic acid can keep you young

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Retinoic acid (tretinoin), yellow needle-like crystals, most of this product is all-trans retinoic acid. Both vitamin A and vitamin A acid have the effect of promoting growth and keeping the epithelium normal. However, topical application of vitamin A has no effect on human skin. Oral vitamin A is beneficial to skin diseases. The topical application of tretinoin to the skin has a strong pharmacological property, and topical tretinoin can improve the aging skin due to sun exposure.

This product has a significant effect on various skin diseases such as acne, ichthyosis, pityriasis red hair, and warts vulgaris. This product can be used as an adjuvant therapy for psoriasis. It can eliminate fine wrinkles, reduce the roughness of the skin, reduce spots, and make the skin ruddy.

Advantage of retinoic acid powder:
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It can promote the normalization of cell division in the epidermal stratum corneum, and when it penetrates into the inner layer of the skin, it can improve rough skin and remove wrinkles and spots.

Shortcoming of tretinoin powder:

It is irritating to a certain extent, so the concentration should not be too high. Excessive use will make the skin stratum corneum too thin and cause allergies.

Skin effect of vitamin A acid:

1. Promote skin metabolism, improve the roughness and dryness of the skin, and make the dull skin look more shiny;

2. Improve the skin stratum corneum tissue, enhance the elasticity and transparency of the skin, and make the skin look softer, whiter, and healthier;

3. It removes the dirt accumulated in the pores, shrinks the pores, and has an antibacterial effect. Different skins will feel different after using the retinoids.

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