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L-Theanine : detailed introduction

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L-Theanine is divided into synthetic and natural extraction, Xi'An Lyphar biotech Co., Ltd is devoted to produce these both types for many years, they have mature production technology and stable quality controlled.

Synthetic L-theanine, its another name is N-ethyl-L-glutamine, glutamine, the content is 99%. It's a white crystalline powder, easily soluble in water. About the natural L-Theanine, it accounts for 40%-60% of free amino acids in tea, and it is the most abundant amino acid in the tea leaves. The Natural L-Theanine manufactured by Xi' An Lyphar biotech, regular specifications is 10%-50%, natural fermentation, off-white powder.

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L-Theanine has great effect on the health care, medicine and food field.

On the health care and medicine field, it usually can be used for Soothing and relaxing effects, Promote brain function, Blood pressure lowering effect, Anti-tumor effect and Anti-fatigue effect.

On Food field, L-theanine can be used as a food additive in beverages, biscuits, candies, ice cream, rock candy and other products.

If you are interested, please contact with Xi'an Lyphar biotech Co., ltd. for more details.