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Arachidonic Acid

  • Category:Nutrition Supplements
  • CAS No:506-32-1
  • Appearance:Light yellow powder
  • Specification:10%powder, 40% oil
  • Shelf Life:2 Years
  • Application:/
  • Supplier:Lyphar
Product details

Natural 10%,40% Arachidonic Acid ARA

Basic Information-立飞生物

Product name: Arachidonic Acid/ARA

CAS No.: 506-32-1

Specifications: ARA Oil 40%; ARA Powder 10%

Sample: Available

Shelf life: 2 years

Lead time: within 3 working days after payment

Sample Display-立飞生物Arachidonic Acid Oil 40%-LypharARA Powder-Lyphar4Product Description-立飞生物

1)ARA oil 40%

ARA oil is light yellow or orange liquid.

ARA oil is soluble in organic solvents, such as ether or petroleum ether, but insoluble in water.

It is a vegetable oil derived from the microalgae fungus Mortierella alpina. The product has a pure triglyceride structure, making it easy to be absorbed by the body. It has a pleasant smell, with extremely low acid value and peroxide value.

2) ARA powder 10%

ARA powder is white or light yellow powder.

ARA powder is water-soluble and easy to form a stable emulsion.

It uses unique microencapsulation technology to encapsulate and stabilize the sub-droplets of ARA. The product has excellent cold water solubility and fluidity.


1.ARA is an important dietary ingredient that supports the process of muscle anabolism. Arachidonic acid is a modulator of local muscle inflammation and can be a major nutrient that controls the intensity of the anabolic/tissue remodeling response to body weight training.

2.Arachidonic acid is one of the most abundant fatty acids in the brain, and its content is similar to docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Arachidonic acid helps maintain the fluidity of cell membranes and protects the brain from oxidative stress by activating the receptor gamma activated by peroxisome proliferators.

3.Supplementing arachidonic acid in the early stages of the disease can actually effectively alleviate symptoms and slow down the progression of the disease.

4.Arachidonic acid is sold in a variety of products as an anabolic bodybuilding supplement

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