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Organic Germanium

  • Category:Nutrition Supplements
  • CAS No:12758-40-6
  • Appearance:White Powder
  • Specification:99.9%
  • Shelf Life:2 Years
  • Application:Food & Cosmetic, Supplement, Food and Cosmetic
  • Supplier:Lyphar
Product details

Highest Purity 99.999% Organic Germanium PowderBasic Information-立飞生物

Product Name: Organic Germanium

Other Name: Ge-132; Germanium Sesquioxide

CAS No: 12758-40-6

EINECS No: 235-800-0

Appearance: White Powder

Purity: 99.9%

Molecular Formula: (GeCH2CH2COOH)2O3

Solubility in water: 20g/L(60℃)  

Sample Display-立飞生物Organic Germanium Ge-132-LypharProduct Description-立飞生物

Organic germanium is divided into three categories: synthetic organic germanium, natural organic germanium, and biological organic germanium. Synthetic organic germanium is hydroxyethyl germanium sesquioxide, namely Ge-132, spirogermanium, furan germanium derivatives and other antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anticancer organic germanium. It is a compound with a wide range of pharmacological effects, but it has been taken It is more likely to cause calcium deficiency; natural organic germanium is extracted from natural plants or eaten directly, without any toxic or side effects to the human body; bio-organic germanium is the implantation of germanium compounds into organisms, such as yeast, bacteria, large fungi, vegetables, etc. The possible mechanisms for organogermanium compounds to inhibit tumor activity include strengthening the body’s immunity, scavenging free radicals and resisting mutations.


Organic germanium is used in functional health foods, medicines, beauty cosmetics, etc., and the function of organic germanium is claimed to enhance human immune function, regulate blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar and other physiological functions, and extensively treat cancer. It has anti-carcinogenic factors. Function, has the function of preventing and treating various diseases and fitness, has obvious anti-aging effect, has the effect of whitening and beauty, has the effect of treating rheumatoid arthritis, has the effect of treating chronic hepatitis, has the effect of treating osteoporosis.

Test Report-立飞生物Organic Germanium-COA-Lyphar

Packing & Shipping-立飞生物Packing & Shipping2-立飞生物Our Factory-立飞生物Our Factory1-立飞生物

Factory Supply High Purity Ge 132 Organic Germanium 99.9% PowderFactory Supply High Purity Ge 132 Organic Germanium 99.9% PowderFactory Supply High Purity Ge 132 Organic Germanium 99.9% PowderFactory Supply High Purity Ge 132 Organic Germanium 99.9% Powder